Our Services

We offer automatic and semi-automatic PET blow moulding machines, the SAB-SERIES and the HP-SERIES machines respectively. These machines are used for manufacturing bottle from polyethylene Terephatalate (PET) preform by thermal processing and stretch blowing with a capacity of 25 ml to 25 litre

The Machines can be characterized by:

  • Modern cutting edge Technology
  • Infallible Production Process
  • Easy and Safe Operation
  • Easy Change of the Mould Programmable Process
  • Control Using PLC
  • Uncompromising Product Quality

The system for thermal conditioning of preform:

The specially designed heating chamber with rotary preform linear conveyor and rotary conveyor infrared over. Each heater zone is regulated separately to adjust the heat.

The preform blowing & stretching systems:

Blowing of the preform is done in two steps. Preliminary blowing at 2-5 kg/cm2 and final blowing at 15-30 kg/cm2 depending on the shape, size and application of the containers.

The controls:

All the systems are controlled from the panel with PLC-Control for all steps of the production cycle and sub system of the machine.