Suraj Plastic Industries is a a ISO 9001-2000 certified company established in the year 1982 as a manufacturer of Blow Moulding Articles.
  About Us  
    We are the pioneers in Manufacturing PET low moulding machines and the recipients of the BEST Technology AWARD By NSIC in 1999.  
    Full Product list of Automatic and Semi-Automatic PET bottle making machines.  
  Semi Automatic Machine  
    Semi-Automatic PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines which can make plastic bottles from 25ml to 25 ltrs.  
  Auto Drops  
    PET Bottle Manufacturing machines with Auto Dropping Systems, designed to work in semi-automatic mode.  
  Twin Series  
    PET Stretch Blow moulding machine with biaxial orientation. HP-1000-2B2M, HP-2000-2B2M, HP-180-4BHS2M AUTODROP  
  Automatic Machine  
    Fully Automatic PET bottle manufacturing machines. These SAB series machines use PET preform, Thermal processing and stretch blowing.  
  New Products  
    New Range of PET Preform Strech Blowing Machine from SAB Series, SAB-2000-2JB.  
  Hot Fill  
    HP-1000-2BHS, Hot fillable PET bottle blow moulding machine from Suraj Plastic industries.  
  Country Liquor  
    Coutnry Liquor PET bottle manufacturing machine, HP-1000-4BHS with Auto dropping feature.  
  Our Services  
    Specially designed Moulding machines made with Uncompromising Quality & Technology and Safe Operation.  
    We manufacture PET bottle making machines to be used in mineral water, beverage, pharmaceutical and also non-food industries.  
    Have a look at our product catalogue featuring all the PET bottle blow moulding machines we manufacture.  
    Enquire about the products that you are interested in.  
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Suraj Plastic Industries

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